Retirement Scheme – 1995 Scheme

JPM Growth Fund (with rollover option)

JPM Growth Fund (with rollover option)

JPM Growth Fund (with rollover option) (Note) is a new fund choice introduced under 1995 Scheme on 1 April 2024.  It is managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management (“JPM”) and is the first fund choice with rollover option introduced in the Scheme.  With this rollover feature, members investing in this fund can have an option to rollover their investments, in terms of number of units (“NoU”), in this fund from the Scheme’s account to their personal account at JPM to continue investing in the fund when they leave the Scheme.

Note: This fund offering is named as “JPMorgan Provident High Growth Fund” under the in-house management by JPM.

*Due to tax reasons, U.S. Persons will not be suitable for the rollover service.


  • Basic information ( Eng / Chi )


Time required:

    • Members should open a personal account at JPM at least 3 weeks before they submit the Notice of Transfer to Finance Office. Normally, member’s choice on whether opting for rollover has to be ascertained 2 weeks before leaving the Scheme via submission of Notice of Transfer or Payment Instruction to the Finance Office.
    • Once the benefit balance and the corresponding NoU of JPM Growth Fund (with rollover option) on the last date member left the Scheme is available, Finance Office would submit relevant documents to JPM as an authorization to rollover/transfer the said NoU to member’s personal account at JPM.
    • In general, the rollover would be completed by JPM within 4-6 weeks. JPM will issue a transaction confirmation to the member upon completion of the rollover.


  • JPM personal account opening method
    • 3 methods available: online, by mail or in person
    • Please visit the JPM website ( ) or contact JPM Direct Sales Team (email: ; tel: 2265 1188) for more details.
    • User guide of online application ( Eng / Chi )
    • Other points to note in opening a personal account at JPM ( Eng / Chi )




For inquiry, please contact JPM ( email: ; hotline: 2978 7588).