Outside Practice

Non-Clinical Outside Practice

Non-Clinical Outside Practice

Before engaging in an outside practice* (OP) activity, one should ensure compliance to the University’s Regulation Governing Outside Practice under Staff Handbook, Part B7 and B21.

The general steps of engaging in a personal outside practice activity include but are not limited to:

  • Organizers of the programmes/projects (P/P) can submit OP applications via a web-based Integrated Outside Practice Administration System (IOPAS).

  • Relevant authorities vet and approve the applications before commencement of OP.

  • An appointee should act in his/ her own personal capacity when engaging in an OP activity.

  • When the OP commences, P/P submits payment plan on-line

  • The OP payment from the University to appointees will be arranged and made to his/her payroll account directly.

  • Upon completion of OP, P/P is required to declare completion of the activity and final payment will be made accordingly.