Outside Practice

Private Clinical Practice

Private Clinical Practice

Please refer to the details under the Regulations Governing Outside Practice under Staff Handbook, Part B7:

Performing PCP

  • Private clinical practice is conducted on a departmental basis officially under the name of Department Chairmen who, may at their discretion, designate certain members as consultants and manage private clinical practice assignment within the relevant departments.

Getting Paid

  • Upon receipt of the private patients’ fees collected by Hospitals / University, the net amount(s) are credited to the University’s account(s).

  • At the end of each quarter, the balance of the account(s) is divided, at a scale subject to University policy and determined by the Department Chairmen, between the clinical appointee(s) and the Department OP account(s) after 10% and 5% division of income is accrued to the Faculty and the University respectively.

  • The appointee’s portion of OP income is paid to his/her payroll account directly.

Tax Reporting

  • Appointees are responsible to include income derived from Private Clinical Practice in their annual “Salaries Tax Return” (April 1 to March 31 of the following year). The University will include the private clinical practice income (less the amount(s) having been deducted, if applicable) in the employer’s annual return to the Inland Revenue Department.