Retirement Scheme – 1995 Scheme

Investment Options Re-allocation Instruction

Investment Options Re-allocation Instruction for Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995)

Download area : Investment Options Re-allocation Instruction (“the Form”) (English / Chinese)

Members are advised to observe the submission deadline on the Form and submit the completed Form for receipt by the Payroll and Superannuation Unit (“PSU”) of Finance Office by mail or fax (2603-7904) or email (

Related Arrangements:

  1. Members can reshuffle their investment options on the first calendar day of any designated month.
  2. Members to submit Investment Options Re-allocation Instruction ─ HOW ?
    1. Form Download
      The Form is obtainable from the above “Download Area” throughout the year.
    2. Submission Deadline
      The submission deadline will normally fall between the 19th and the 24th of the month immediately preceding the investment options re-allocation effective date. Members should observe the submission deadlines for respective months by referring to the following timetable (which is also listed in the Note of the Form):

      Investment Options Re-allocation Effective Dates and the corresponding Closing Dates

      Effective Date
      May 1, 2024
      Jun 1, 2024
      Jul 1, 2024
      Aug 1, 2024
      Sep 1, 2024
      Submission deadline
      Apr 23, 2024
      May 24, 2024
      Jun 21, 2024
      Jul 24, 2024
      Aug 23, 2024
    3. Completion of the Form
      For a valid investment options re-allocation instruction, members should indicate clearly on the Form the “Investment Options Re-allocation Effective Date” and the fund allocation %.  The University and Trustees shall not be liable for any delay or loss whatsoever or howsoever arising from an incomplete investment options re-allocation instruction.
    4. Submission of the Form
      The completed Form should be returned for receipt by PSU of Finance Office by mail or fax (2603-7904) or email ( on or before the corresponding closing dates listed in the above note 2b.  The University and Trustees will not accept any claims for loss in relation to the non-receipt of the Form.
    5. Acknowledgement of the Form
      Members who have exercised investment options re-allocation instruction will receive email notification within two working days.
  3. For enquiry, please contact PSU of Finance Office at (3943-7236 / 1556).